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Our Carriers -- including our favorites

We work with nearly two dozen carriers and we're adding more all the time.  However, the carriers we have are among the best insurance companies out there.  On this page you'll find a list of carriers along with some of the reasons we are particularly fond of a few of them, and some fun facts about some of the others.

Why these six are our favorites . . .
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Number one client benefit:  Forget the fact that their children's term rider covers kids  up to 21, or that they offer a spousal term rider.  Mutual Trust Life has,

hands-down, the best Paid-up Additions rider in the industry.  Considering PUAs are what drive the Infinite banking Concept (aka Be Your Own Banker), this means that, for those who qualify, a whole life policy with Mutual Trust will grow wealth longer than others.  (Most PUA riders are a "use it or lose it" deal.  MTL eliminates that--which means people can truly plan for the future.)

Number one client benefit:  Most Accidental Death policies only pay out upon the death of the insured.  Most Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) policies cover the insured only if they lose two of the following:  feet, hands, or complete loss of sight in the eye(s).  Gerber's AD&D will pay out half the face amount if

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the insured loses just one of those.  And you're more likely to lose one of those than two.  If you need another reason to like Gerber, they also have the cheapest guaranteed insurance policies in the business.

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Number one client benefit:  Foresters Financial is a Fraternal Benefit Society.  In layman's terms, it's a non-profit mutual company.  As such, it has a heart to serve.  Foresters offers non-medical exam options for both term and whole life, is friendly to Diabetics (including Type-1 Diabetes in

children), and has the best Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) rider in the industry.  The ADB rider allows you to access a percentage of the eligible death benefit in the event of chronic/critical/terminal illness.  Foresters allows you to access up to 24/95/95 percent of the death benefit in qualifying circumstances.  (Most companies allow 10/24/50.)  Their whole life policies for kids are very competitive.  They'll even throw $1,000 to a policy owner's favorite charity upon their death just because.  That's the heart of a non-profit.

Number one client benefit:  Another Fraternal Benefit Society, Royal Neighbors' mission is to empower and support women and their loved ones by "providing financial products, members savings, and volunteer programs."  RNA's products are competitively priced and

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they have innovative riders that are consistent with their vision and mission.  These include chronic/critical/terminal illness percentages at high rates of 80/25/90.  (Eighty percent for chronic illness is unheard of!)  An Accelerated Living Benefit rider, a Cancer Waiver of Premium rider (cervical, ovarian, or breast cancer), even a Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity that allows for a minimal contribution ($50/month), are all available.

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Number one client benefit:  Speaking of annuities, it used to be that you could start an annuity the same way you could start an IRA or a 401(k), just a small, regular contribution.  For the most part, these have 

all gone the way of the dinosaur.  Annuity companies today typically want a minimum of $5,000 (many require $10,000) to open an annuity.  In this arena, National Life Group is a throw-back to the way it was.  In the process, the average person can reap the benefits of annuities.  NLG allows investors to open an annuity with as little as a $25 per week commitment.  Investors can then roll it over to any one of more varied annuity opportunities after the annuity reaches the required threshold.

Number one client benefit:  Lafayette Life is probably the most flexible in actually designing policies for clients with specific needs or desires.  Whether that's a limited pay period or pre-planning for 

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large expenditures utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept, Lafayette excels.  Additionally, they are particularly good at turning single-premium life insurance (aka Modified Endowment Contracts) into actual life insurance policies with all the tax advantages inherent therein.

NOTE:  Of the six companies featured above, five are--in practicality--mutual companies (paying dividends to the policy holders).  Only Gerber is a stock company (paying dividends to shareholders), but we don't recommend Gerber for insurance policies except as noted above and, in rare instances, for children's life insurance.

All six companies are rated either A or A+ by the leading insurance company rater A.M. Best.

Carriers with interesting product nuances . . . 

Aetna -- In addition to Medicare supplements, Aetna offers life insurance policies up to the age of 89.

AIG/Corebridge Financial -- AIG's guaranteed insurance has a limited-pay period (usually age 82-88).

Americo -- Looking at IULs?  Choose Americo's cap (3-15%) or participation (86%) rate--or blend them. 

Great Western -- GW's guaranteed insurance product allows for applicants as young as 40.

Manhattan Life -- in addition to life insurance, Manhattan has competitive supplemental health policies.

Mutual of Omaha -- Accidental Death policies have a return-of-premium option for applicants under 50.

Transamerica -- Final Expense policies can be paid by VISA or Mastercard.  Non-med whole life and term policies have higher than normal limits for the industry. ($2mm for those under 45 ($1mm for <55).) 

Other carriers we are proud to represent . . .

ACE (Medicare supplements only)

American Amicable


Athene (annuities)


F&G -- Fidelity & Guaranty (Indexed Universal Life or IULs only)

John Hancock (term insurance only)

Lumico (supplemental health)

Manhattan Life Assurance Company (Medicare supplements only)

Prosperity (term and final expense insurance only)

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